City I See

A portrait of the people of Boston, by the people of Boston


Everyday Boston has been flying under the radar for the past year and a half, but we’re ready now to rise. Story by story, we are building a movement. We want more people to join.
And we are hoping you can help- by donating to our Go Fund Me campaign, or by spreading the word about it.

When we posted the campaign, our goal was to raise enough money ($5,000) to partner with the very awesome Artists for Humanity, which trains low-income youth in graphic design (among other things). Great news: We met that goal and soared past it!

That means teenagers are now being paid to design the Everyday Boston logo and other critical marketing materials (like business cards for each of our story ambassadors, posters to hang at our community building events etc.). So in a very real sense, they are building this movement with us.

That said, we have another goal in mind if we can raise more funds. We would love to hire Resilient Coders to redesign our website so that it’s more accessible and interactive for people of all ages and backgrounds. Resilient Coders teaches young people in the city how to code, so this is another opportunity for your dollars to do good for two community-based organizations!
We are grateful for any small amount you can give.

Thanks so much in advance!


Cara, George, Carmen, Gabbie, Kathy, Corina, Theresa and Melissa