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The Rainbow Tour

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This guide will be used at freshman orientation for Northeastern's incoming students. This system will serve as both a way for Everyday Boston and City I See to gain exposure, but will also allow students the opportunity to get to know different parts of Boston.

Orientation leaders will assemble students into groups and they will go on the Rainbow Tour as part of an orientation activity. Students will be give the flyer below for instructions. Students and their leaders will be assigned to go to different parts of Boston (i.e.Jamaica Pond, Cambridge SoWa, Mission Hill, North End) and explore. While exploring, they will be asked to execute the instructions on the flyer. (Note: The "rainbow" concept can be adjusted for content variablity. It can be changed to "texture", "shape", "value", "curious objects", etc.) Then, they will direct message the collected photos from the day to @thecityisee Instagram or they will have the option to make their own collage and submit it that way. Alternatively, photos can be sent through Snapchat to @cityisee.tour. If successful, this should generate a great deal of content for City I See. After orientation is over, these flyers can be put up on campus to invoke voluntary content submission from general.

Download instructions as a PDF file